Out to Play

by The Elizabeth Wise Crew

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released April 3, 2012

All songs written by Elizabeth Wise except "Tailspin" written by Wise/McKee

Produced by Elizabeth Wise, Richard Ford, and Daniel McKee

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Richard Ford at Good Garden Studios

Art Direction by Tim McCabe, Bart Mallard, Elizabeth Wise, Daniel McKee

Photography by Bart Mallard

Special Thanks to: our families and friends, Leo Goff, Randy Burton, Jana Meisner, Richard Butler, Richard Ford, Dave Cousar, JD Westmoreland, Tim and Schnucki McCabe, Moggie, The Wise Family, The McKee Family, The Becht Family, The Briggs Family, Kenny White, Trong Lieng, Bart Mallard, Robert Rowan, Charles and the Buccaneer Lounge (Memphis, TN), Richard Butler and Niel's Music Room (Memphis, TN), James and Otherlands Coffee Shop (Memphis, TN), Lynn and The Corner Pocket (Williamsburg, VA), Rare Ole Times (Richmond, VA), Carrington Wise of Sweets and Tarts for providing nourishment and joy... consistently, Paige and Danny McKee for providing shelter... also consistent.

Copyright Elizabeth Wise 2011
*Copyright Elizabeth Wise & Daniel McKee 2011
Publishing rights A A Wise Bee Publications, 2012 A A Wise Bee, BMI
All Rights Reserved.



all rights reserved


The Elizabeth Wise Crew Memphis, Tennessee

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Track Name: Lines
Don't worry 'bout
Breakin' my heart
It's already been done
So I ain't letting that happen again

So don't let that trouble your mind
I won't fall so hard
I just want a little lovin'
Just like everyone

So you say you wanna cal me, "Baby"
Well, that's just fine
But I want something too

I want the time of day
I want a strong man
I want to romp and play
But I don't want any
Gold-leafed silver-tipped lines

We're not shooting for the road
We're just here for today
Like the sky
Tomorrow will be a surprise

I like to know what I'm eating
So I don't bite off
More than I can chew
So lay it all on the table

Come on, now what's the point
In hiding if we're just trying this
On for size?
So I'll begin, here's something you should know

Track Name: Green Plastic Horn
Once I heard you blowin'
Your green plastic horn for me
Out your window
I could hear it 'cross town

But no more
Do I hear you blowin'
Your green plastic horn
For me

My, how the days change
And I recall walking somewhere
Between wonder and the sun
I could here it 'cross town


By starlight's starbright
I dreamt last night
That we were wandering in our wonderhood
Lookin' for the sun

Track Name: Hot Water
Hot water and fiberglass
Beckon my daydreams
Like your steam
Rising in heart-aching height
Hot Water, bring him back

Cover my bare skin
Like his being does
Hot Water,
Reminisce with me
Just for a while

Hot Water, drift down to pooled at my feet
Drift- drifting ike my eyes
Behind their closed doors
Hot Water,
I dream in color
For my sweetheart

Cover my bare skin
Like his love does
Hot Water,
Stay, stay, stay
And reminisce with me

Hot Water,
Baby please come back
Hot Water,
Hold me tight 'til you can feel my heart
Hot Water,
Your love is all I need
So Baby, please come back home
Darlin', come back soon
Honey, please come back to me

Hot Water,
Reminisce with me
Just for a while.
Track Name: Last Chance
You say you do,
but I know better
You say, "That's not true,"
But I'm no fool,
That was just the first lie you told me

So I'll propose a dare
I'll propose a dare for you

Call me when you miss me
Call me when you feel me
Call me when you think of me

Sky, don't you feel my anguish?
Cry tonight with me
And spare me solitude
When I called his bluff
He spoke no denying
So what else am I to think?

So I'll propose a dare,
I'll propose a dare for you


Rain, fall on his hands
See if they're wanting me
Rain, fall on his eyes
See if they're blue for me
Rain, fall on his heart
And see if it is still
Still, warm for me
So I'll propose your last chance,
I'll propose a dare for you


So here is your last chance,
And you better do right,
It ain't that hard to figure out

Track Name: Out To Play
Violets are blue
Honey, I gave them all to you
When I placed them in your hands
That's when the roses fell from your lips
And cold, cold heart came out to play

Red Rover, Red Rover
You played to rough, now look at the mess he's in
Mama's gonna have to mend those tears and stains
All over his heart
And that's when he felt the crack, now
Broken heart came out to play

She's got a pocket full of roses
He draws that ring 'round Ole Rosie
Ashes to ashes she leaves us in dust
Oh, when we all fall down
No, no I won't come outside
When Love comes out to play

Seek here, seek there, she's seeking everywhere
In every closet under every chair
But he's keeping to the curtains
and it's just a, just a matter of time
Until he slips through that open window
Hiding heart came out to play

Dodge one, now two, he's on fire
But now his feet are tangled with another
Down for the count, he can't get up
And there's blood everywhere
That's when he took the hit strait in the head
Cheating heart came out to play

Track Name: Stone Cold
You tore me apart
From my head to the ground
And let me tell you,
That ground was stone cold

Well, I don't want to other
'Cause I'm in love with you
Oh, but you're just stone cold

If I had just one wish
Lord, it would be to have a weak heart too
Give me just one wish
And it would be to have a weak heart too
So I could be stone cold too
Stone cold like you
Track Name: Sunk Into Me
I guess I shoulda known
What I was gettin' into
I've heard stories
All about you
My skin is thick
And tough
But I believe your bite
Is worse than your bark

You sunk into me
Won't you please let go
You sunk into me
Baby, please don't go

I think I'll find you a sign
That say, "Beware of dog"
It's just a fair warning
Of just how dangerous you are
Like a bull with his blood red cloth
Honey, I know you're gonna run
But did you have to tempt me
With your honey-coated charm?


Did you have to lay it on so thick
When you knew you were
Just gonna run
Right when I got my first lick
It was so sweet,
I could hardly feel your sting
That sting,
Now I feel its full pain

Track Name: Love Me Tonight
There's a light shining in my heart
And that light, oh, it is your part

Now that light is tinted blue tonight
'Cause you left me mighty lonesome
Without you by my side

Wherever you go, Baby,
How I wish you could love me tonight

I cannot get you off my mind
'Cause your light is keeping me up
All night long

So I'll send my love
Through the night
'Cause there's a bright man up there
Who knows where you are


Wherever you are, Baby,
How I wish you could love me all the time
Track Name: Flood Me Too
I went down to the river
To see what life was all about
That river was a swollen belly
From last night's storm

Cry on me,
Cry on me
Sad sky, won't you cry on me
And take away these blues

Ya see that bottle sittin' over there
It's got my hand a-reachin'
It took a hold of my pain
And now a hold on me

Cry on me,
Cry on me,
Sad sky, won't you cry on me
And flood me too

It might be tears of joy
And it might be tears of pain
So send 'em on down now
Let 'em fall on me
Heaven above
Sweet Jesus above
Won't you have some mercy on me

And cry on me,
Cry on me,
Sad, sweet sky won't you cry o nme
And take away these blues,
Flood me too,
Won't you take away these blues
Track Name: Wishing Well
I went walkin' with my pennies
Down to that old man's wishin' well
He said, "Come anytime"

I'm headed back
To that old wishin' well

It's made of stone, grey and mossy
With an old frayed rope that hangs down way, way low
But the bucket fell of a long time ago

Yea, they never love you like they say they do
They never know just how to treat a woman right
NO matter what they say

I got moths in my oatmeal, ants in my sugar bowl
I found miss black widow hidin' under my covers
Baby, I don't like that at all, no

I'm sick and tired of hearing the news
Nobody wants to talk about loving no more
Everybody's tryin' to drive nails in everybody

He said, "Come on over here chil'
Look down deep in its soul like it's your own
And take a a penny, maybe two
Throw it down and wait for the splash
Wish with all your might"